I know him. The small one. His name is Polliver. He captured us and took us to Harrenhal. He killed Lommy.

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Harry: I was sitting next to her in the read-through for episode 2 when she’s getting rid of Nymeria, her wolf. And she just started weeping in a read-through! And I said, “Are you alright?” And she was like, “Yeah. I hate doing that scene.” I need to step up, man!

Daniel Minahan, Emilia Clarke, Harry Lloyd, & Peter Dinklage talking about Maisie Williams (1.06 A Golden Crown Commentary)

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Under them was always Arya.

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↳ I inherited my strength from you.

"I can’t sleep until I say the names."

"The names of every person in Westeros?"

"Only the ones I’m going to kill."